European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

EPOS Reading Committee


The application submission is now opened!
The submission deadline: is open until 15 June 2018.
Entitle to apply for the Reading Committee membership are only EPOS Active member and you are kindly invited to submit now your application file ( CV, cover letter where do you specify your field of interest) to

Antonio ANDREACCHIO, Italy | Chairman
Frank ACCADBLED, France | Chair of Scientific Committee (2018-2021)
Federico CANAVESE, France | Chair Educational (2018-2020)
Eitan SEGEV, Israel | Representative Local Host
Reinald BRUNNER, Switzerland | EPOS Study Group Chair
Carol-Claudius HASLER, Switzerland | EPOS Study Group Chair
Sebastian FARR, Austria | EPOS Study Group Chair
Pierre JOURNEAU, France | EPOS Study Group Chair
Annalie Martina WEINBERG, Germany | EPOS Study Group Chair
Ralph SAKKERS, The Netherlands | EPOS Study Group Chair
Inês BALACO, Portugal | EPOS Study Group Chair
Marta SALOM TAVERNER, Spain | EPOS Study Group Chair
Rudolf GANGER, Austria | EPOS Study Group Chair
Julio DUART, Spain (2018-2020)
Aarno NIETOSVAARA, Finland (2018-2020)
Ilhan BAYHAN, Turkey (2018-2020)
Nuno ALEGRETE, Portugal (2018-2020)
Dmitry POPKOV, Russian Federation (2018-2020)
Pasquale GUIDA, Italy (2018-2020)
Yasmin D. HAILER, Sweden (2018-2020)
Nusret KOSE, Turkey (2018-2020)
Vladimir KENIS, Russian Federation (2018-2020)
Frank PLASSCHAERT, Belgium (2018-2020)
Roberto SCHIAVON, Italy (2018-2020)
Jan CHARVAT, Czech Republic (2018-2020)
Vincenzo DE ROSA, Switzerland (2018-2020)
Olivier EBERHARDT, Germany (2018-2020)
Uri GIVON, Israel (2018-2020)
Andrei GREGOREWSKY, Poland (2019-2021)
Nicolau NICOLAS, United Kingdom (2019-2021)
Nick SEKOURIS, Greece (2019-2021)
Adhlambo WITLOX, The Netherlands (2019-2021)
Robert ELBAUM, Belgium (2019-2021)
Luis MORALEDA NOVO, Spain (2019-2021)
Julia FUNK, Germany (2019-2021)

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