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EPOS Study Group webinars 2020-2022 supported by OrthoPediatrics

Due to the COVID-19, it was impossible for EPOS to organize its’ regular on-site educational activities neither in 2020 nor in 2021.

Therefore EPOS started a first round of e-education activities on the web virtually and the first live webinar was introduced in June 2020.

The EPOS Leadership, the EPOS Educational Committee and the EPOS Study Groups are proud to continue to provide e-content for the webinars also for 2021. The first webinar this year will be held in June 2021. For more details, please visit the sub-sections of EPOS e-events which are divided into 1st and 2nd Series of EPOS Webinars.

EPOS Study Group Webinars are proudly supported by OrthoPediatrics.

About OrthoPediatrics Corp:
Founded in 2006, OrthoPediatrics is an orthopedic company focused exclusively on advancing the field of pediatric orthopedics. As such it has developed the most comprehensive product offering to the pediatric orthopedic market to improve the lives of children with orthopedic conditions. OrthoPediatrics currently markets 35 surgical systems that serve three of the largest categories within the pediatric orthopedic market. This product offering spans trauma and deformity, scoliosis, and sports medicine/other procedures. OrthoPediatrics’ global sales organization is focused exclusively on pediatric orthopedics and distributes its products in the United States and 43 countries outside the United States. OrthoPediatrics acquired ApiFix Ltd. in April, 2020. The ApiFix system has FDA and CE Mark approvals and is now available in the USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Singapore. For more information, please visit:

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The webinar information found on the EPOS E-events webpages might be subject to changes. The latest information concerning EPOS E-Events and EPOS webinars can be found in the sub-sections; 1stSeries of EPOS Webinars (2020-2021) and 2nd Series of EPOS Webinars (2021-2022).

Please do not hesitate to contact EPOS Education Manager, Mrs. Sanni Hiltunen at if you have any further inquiries concerning EPOS E-Events.