European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society


Dear EPOS members,

Statutes make up the constitution of societies and should be as concisely worded as possible while comprehensive enough to satisfy the needs of the present and the future. Great changes have taken place in EPOS last years and some parts of the statutes have failed to cover these changes. Again, over the years, the need has arisen to remove certain sentences that lost their meaning, to omit other sentences, and to exchange more general terms for some specific statements. Producing a new version to last for many years to come was planned.

For this purpose a study was performed within the Board. Former presidents and senior members of EPOS were asked for ideas. After all these suggestions were taken into consideration, the changes you will find attached to this mail were decided to be voted upon in Athens.

According to our current statutes, we present these suggested changes to you at least 2 months before the General Assembly. I hope that they will be acceptable by you, and look forward to seeing you in Athens.

Muharrem Yazici, MD

Download EPOS statutes changes in .doc