European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

Executive Board

In light of the exceptional circumstances created by the global pandemic of COVID-19, EPOS Virtual General Assembly, held on 9 May 2020, has approved the interim solution proposed by EPOS Executive Committee to extend the terms of office of all concerned Executive Committee members for one additional year, until the next ordinary General Assembly meeting in 2021.

In alignment to this measure, the interim solution for an additional year applies also to all Committees and Study Groups until 2021

EPOS Board Thomas WIRTH, Germany President (2019-2020)
Antonio ANDREACCHIO, Italy Vice-President
Ignacio SANPERA, Spain 2nd Vice-President (2019-2020)
Jaroslaw CZUBAK, Poland Past-President (2019-2020)
Elke VIEHWEGER, France General Secretary (2017-2021)
Pierre JOURNEAU, France Treasurer
Councillors Cristina ALVES, Portugal
Virginie POLLET, United Kingdom
Vito PAVONE, Italy
Renata POSPISCHILL, Austria
Stefan HUNHSTOCK, Norway
Councillor (2019-2022)
Councillor (2019-2022)
Councillor (2018-2021)
Councillor (2018-2021)
Councillor  (Junior, 2017-2020)
Scientific Committee Franck ACCADBLED, France Chair (2018-2021)
Educational Committee Federico CANAVESE, France Chair (2018-2022)
EPOS Internal Auditor Dagmar KEMPINK, The Netherlands
Nomination Committee Manuel CASSIANO-NEVES, Portugal Chair (2019-2020)
Reading Committee Antonio ANDREACCHIO, Italy Chair (2017-2021)
Website Committee Salih MARANGOZ,  Turkey Chair (2018-2021)
Historian Klaus PARSCH, Germany
EPOS Newsletter Renata POSPISCHILL, Austria
JCO Fritz HEFTI, Switzerland
Shlomo WIENTROUB, Israel
Deborah EASTWOOD, United Kingdom
EPOS representative at JCO
EFORT representative Hakan OMEROGLU, Turkey  2018-2021
UEMS representative Catharina CHIARI, Austria
IFPOS representative Darko ANTICEVIC, Croatia
EPOS Foundation Board (2019-2023)
Manuel CASSIANO-NEVES, Portugal
Pierre JOURNEAU, France
Antonio ANDREACCHIO, Italy
Carol HASLER, Switzerland
Frack ACCADBLED, France
Federico CANAVESE, France