European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

Scientific Awards

38th Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv (Israel) 2019 EPOS awards

  •  Best Basic Science Paper
    Dynamic three-dimensional reconstruction of thoracic cage and abdomen in children and adolescents with scoliosis: results of optical reflective motion analysis assessment
    By Federico Canavese | Italy
  • Best Clinical Science Paper
    Incidence of cancer and infertility, in ais patients treated 25 years prior
    By Ane Simony | Denmark
  • Best e-Poster ex equo
    Incidence of post-operative venous thromboembolism in children with cerebral palsy
    By Julieanne Sees | United States
    Art and fractures – what children choose to express
    By Kuldeep Stohr | United Kingdom

37th Annual Meeting, Oslo (Norway) 2018 EPOS awards

  • 2018 Best Clinical Podium Presentation
    ‘A Reliability and Validity Study for Different Coronal Angles using Ultrasound Imaging in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis’ – By Rob Brink – Netherlands
  • 2018 Best Basic Science Podium Presentation
    ‘Percutaneous supra-acetabular perforations in growing rabbits: a new potential treatment for residual acetabular dysplasia’ – By Ibrahim Saliba – Lebanon
  • 2018 Best Poster / E-poster
    ‘Return to Sport and Reoperation Rates in Patients Under the Age of 20 Following Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Risk Profile Comparing Three Patient Groups Predicated Upon Skeletal Age’ – By Daniel Green – USA

36th Annual Meeting, Barcelona (Spain) 2017 EPOSNA awards

  • 2017 EPOSNA Best Basic Science Award
    Research for fetal myelomeningocele repair. C. Fontecha, M. Codinach, J. Peiro (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 2017 EPOSNA Best Clinical Award
    Genome and virulence determinants of Staphilococcus Aureus causing acute hematogenous osteomyelitis. A. Collins, N. Tareen, MS. Kim, E. Wakeland, P. Raj, K. Mercadante, L. Copeley (Dallas, TX United States)
  • 2017 EPOSNA Best e-Poster Award
    Outcome of conservative versus surgical treatment of humeral shaft fracture in children and adolescents: comparison between nonoperative treatment, external fixation and elastic stable intramedullary nailing. A. Andreacchio, F. Canavese, L. Marengo, M. Cravino, C. Origo (Torino, Italy; Clermont Ferrand, France; Alessandria, Italy)
  • 2017 EPOSNA Best Paper Poster Award
    Incidence of acetabular dysplasia in breech infants following initially normal ultrasound: the effects of variable diagnostic criteria. C. Buralis, C. Price, W. Sankar (Philadelphia, PN United States)
  • 2017 EPOSNA Best Trauma Paper
    What is an acceptable reduction for supracondylar humerus fractures in children? U. Narayanan, W. Wood, Y. Tan, J. Turner, A. Gangwar (Toronto, Canada)
  • 2017 QSVI Award
    Significant reductions in surgical site infection (SSI) in spinal fusion patients using a bundled intervention. A. McIntosh, K. Wilder (Dallas, TX United States)

35th Annual Meeting, Rome (Italy) 2016 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Predrag Klisic Award
    Bone antibiotic bioavailability in skeletally immature animal. A pharmacokinetic study. C. G. Fontecha, J.A. Porcel Vázquez, C. Gilabert Carbajo, P. Soler Palacín, A. Fernández Polo, M.J. Melià Grimal, R. Martí Seves, J. J. González López, M.N. Larrosa Escartín (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award: two awards
    MRI evaluation of ewing’s tumours. Radiological and anatomical correlation. J. Sales de Gauzy, L. Destombes, A. Brouchet, J. Vial, C. Baunin, C. Thevenin Lemoine, F. Accadbled (Toulouse, France)
    Abduction bracing versus natural history in hip dysplasia: multicenter randomized controlled trial. V. Pollet, R. Sakkers, E. Beek, C. Uiterwaal, M. van de Sande, M. Witbreuk, A. Mostert, A. Besselaar, R. Castelein (Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Zwolle, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Best Paper poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    Interobserver and intraobserver variability with the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) classification: a comparison between different levels of expertise. D. Farrington (Sevilla, Spain)

34th Annual Meeting, Marseille (France) 2015 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Predrag Klisic Award
    A Combination of Sclerostin Antibody and Zolendronic Acid Treatment Outperforms either Treatment alone in Mouse Model of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. D. Little, L. Peacock, K. Mikulec, M. Kneissel, I. Kramer, T. Cheng, A. Schnideler, C. Munns (Westmead, Australia)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
    Evolution of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Results of a 20 Year Follow Up Study. S. Pesenti, B. Blondel, E. Peltier, C. Morin, J. Sales de Gauzy, S. Wolff, A. Chalopin, J-L. Jouve (Marseille, Berck sur Mer, Toulouse, Paris, Nantes, France)
  • Best Paper poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    Risk Factors for Developing Dysplasia of the femoral Trochlea in Newborns. C. Øye, K. Holen, O. Foss  (Trondheim, Norway)

33th Annual Meeting, Bruges (Belgium) 2014 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award
    Age dependent normal values for bony cartilaginous and labral coverage in the pediatric hip measured on MRI. H. Peter Huber et al. (Switzerland)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
    Characterization of hip morphology in children with Mucopolysaccahridosis type I/II. M. Baker (United Kingdom)
  • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    Reconstruction using induced membrane technique after segmental bone resection of primitive malignant bone tumors in children. C. Thevenin-Lemoine et al. (France)

32nd Annual Meeting, Athens (Greece) 2013 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Predrag Klisic Award
    Guided femoral rotational growth in an animal model. E. Bar-On, A. Arami, A. Herman, S. Velkes, S. Heller  (Petah Tikva, Israel)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
    Percutaneous pin removal in children in the outpatient setting: is analgesia necessary? KB Lim, SS Tan, SN Abdullah, LL Ong, ML Wong, JC Allen (Singapore, Singapore)
  • Best Paper poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    MRI changes in calf muscles of cerebral palsy (CP) patients after BoNT-A injections. Preliminary report. P. Lascombes, G. De Coulon, F. Canavese, R. Dayer, E. Merlini (Genève, Switzerland; Clermont Ferrand, France)

31st Annual Meeting, Helsinki (Finland) 2012 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Predrag Klisic Award
    Growth Control of Long Bones can be Achieved with 8 Plates: An Experimental Study. M. Gottliebsen, et al. (Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
    The Changing Epidemiology of Perthes Disease in Liverpool: An analysis of 34 years of geographic and temporal trends. D. Perry, et al. (Liverpool, UK)
  • Best Paper poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    Scoliosis after Resection of Malignant Tumours of the Chest Wall in Children: a French Multicentric Study. F. Chotel, et al.  (Lyon, France)

30th Annual Meeting, Basel (Switzerland) 2011 awards

    • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award
      Surface anatomy of the distal femoral physis with regards to distal femoral fixation. R. W. Liu, D. G. Armstrong, A. D. Levine, A. Gilmore, G. H. Thompson, D. R. Cooperman (USA)
    • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
      The tamponade effect of unstable slipped capital femoral epiphysis. J. Herrera Soto, A. E. Crepeau, M. Birnbaum, J. Albright, K. L. Vander Have (USA)
    • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
      Should patients with radio-ulnar synostosis be referred for a haematological evaluation? Initial results from a hematology screening / registry program. M. M Ruisi, E. Jessica, D. Green, B. Oiyemhonlan, S. Shah, B. T. Kile, R. Burt, A. Thompson, J. B. Bussel (USA)

29th Annual Meeting, Zagreb (Croatia) 2010 awards

    • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award: two awards
      Enhanced bone regeneration with COMP-angiopoietin-1 functional nanoparticle-hydrogel complex in a rat model of distraction osteogenesis. J. Ryul Kim, S. Jung Yun (Korea)
      Effects of T1-T12 dorsal arthrodesis on thoracic cage and chest organs. Anatomical, histological and radiological study on pre-pubertal New Zealand white rabbits. F. Canavese, A. Dimeglio, F. Cavalli, M. Stebel, A. Prandi, M. Galeotti, B. Canavese (Italy – France)
    • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
      Variation in Diagnostic Criteria for DDH among Orthopaedic Surgeons. A. Roposch, L. Liu, F. Hefti, NMP Clarke, J. Wedge (UK)
    • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
      A comparison of radiological parameters following pectus excavatum correction using a modified Brown and Ravitch method. S. Zacha, M Kolban (Poland)

28th Annual Meeting, Lisboa (Portugal) 2009 awards

    • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award
      Comp-Angiopoietin-1 ameliorates surgery-induced ischemic necrosis of the femoral head in rats. J. Ryul Kim (South Korea)
    • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award
      Development of spasticity with age in a total population of children with cerebral palsy. G. Hägglund (Sweden)
    • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
      Comparative study between open arthrotomy versus arthroscopic drainage in the treatment of acute septic arthritis of the hip in children. A. Mounir Moustafa El-Sayed (Egypt)

27th Annual Meeting, Warsaw (Poland) 2008 awards

    • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award
      Fetal surgery of myelomeningocele by fetoscopy in the ovine fetus. C. Foncheta (Spain)
    • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award 
      Complications of extendable prosthesis in children who survive longer than 10 years. F. Chotel (Lyon, France)
    • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
      Complications of the displaced fractures of the radial neck in children : 96 cases treated with elastic intramedullary nailing. P. Journeau (Nancy, France)

26th Annual Meeting, Sorrento (Italy) 2007 awards

  • Best Basic Science Paper – Pedrag Klisic Award
    Dorsal arthrodesis of thoracic spine and effect on thorax growth in prepubertal New Zeland white rabbits. F. Canavese, A.Dimeglio, D. Volpatti, JP. Daures, B. Canavese, F. Cavalli (Montpellier, France; Udine, Italy, Trieste, Italy)
  • Best Clinical Science Paper – John Sharrard Award 
    Outcome at 45 years after open reduction and innominate osteotomy for late-presenting developmental dislocation of the hip. S. Thomas, J. Wedge, R. Salter (Oxford, UK; Toronto, Canada)
  • Best poster – Jürgen Baumann Award
    Intraoperative measurement of muscle properties reveal a relationship between muscle remodelling and contracture formation. E. Ponten (Stockholm, Sweden)