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Next EPOS BAT IC Trilogy | Save the Dates!

The 6th EPOS BAT Instructional Course Trilogy have started in March 2019 and the schedule is the following:

For any further questions about the upcoming EPOS BAT IC Trilogy Courses, please contact:

Past EPOS BAT IC Trilogy Courses:

The attendees who will have completed the EPOS BAT IC Trilogy will be eligible for EPOS active or candidate membership depending on their qualification upon their request. The President of EPOS and the Chairman of the EPOS Educational Committee will automatically sponsor their applications and there is no need to provide additional sponsor letters. Applicants will also need to prove that they practise more than 50 % in paediatric orthopaedics and need to have attended at least one previous meeting of EPOS or the annual meeting of the year of their application. Please note that for EPOS BAT trilogy graduates, the application deadline is extended to 28 February 2018. For any questions or further information about the EPOS membership, please contact

For any further questions about the upcoming BAT Courses, please contact: