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EPOS BAT Trilogy Courses in 2021 – LATEST UPDATES

Updated as of 24 March 2021

6th EPOS BAT Instructional Course Trilogy Part III: Basic II

e-Course | 17-18 June 2021
e-Scientific Programme & registration for new participants available soon.

As the covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of slowing down globally, EPOS has no choice than find alternative solutions to provide continuous education to the EPOS community. That being said, EPOS has decided to postpone all onsite meetings including BAT Trilogy to undefined dates. As alternative solutions, EPOS will set-up different formats of e-learning activities during this year including e-certification for paediatric orthopaedics and trauma and in the both, junior and senior, levels.

Concerning EPOS BAT Trilogy, Part III, Basic II course EPOS has decided to organize the course as an e-course in early Summer 2021. The electronic course will give the participants a possibility to join the lectures comfortably from their home without no hassle of travelling and after have a possibility to exchange information and opinions with the faculty in real time.

We are currently adapting the scientific programme of the course into a virtual format as well as are preparing the virtual platform for e-teaching purposes. Once the e-course is ready to be launched (during Spring 2021), the information will be available on this webpage and will include instruction how to register as we assume we are able to accept more participants in the e-course.

Note to participants who have already paid the registration: If you have already paid your registration for the BAT Part III, Basic II course, please note that we will automatically transfer your registration fee to the e-course unless we hear from you otherwise.

We trust that the above decisions made by EPOS will be positively supported and welcomed by EPOS community taking into consideration that our first priority is to keep everybody healthy and safe during these challenging times and having still an opportunity to provide you with several educational activities until the world normalizes.

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Past EPOS BAT IC Trilogy Courses

The attendees who will have completed the EPOS BAT IC Trilogy will be eligible for EPOS active or candidate membership depending on their qualification upon their request. The President of EPOS and the Chairman of the EPOS Educational Committee will automatically sponsor their applications and there is no need to provide additional sponsor letters. Applicants will also need to prove that they practise more than 50 % in paediatric orthopaedics and need to have attended at least one previous meeting of EPOS or the annual meeting of the year of their application. Please note that for EPOS BAT trilogy graduates, the application deadline is extended to 28 February 2018. For any questions or further information about the EPOS membership, please contact

For any further questions about the upcoming BAT Courses, please contact: