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EPOS Delphi Survey 2023

EPOS Scientific Committee: Research Priorities Survey:

The EPOS Research Priority Setting study aims to identify the important and unanswered research questions from both clinical and basic sciences perspectives in children with orthopaedic problems and prioritize those that are most important. Working with clinicians across EPOS we aim to perform a modified Delphi study to identify the key elective, traumatic and basic science questions that remain unanswered in Paediatric Orthopaedics. We aim to perform a modified Delphi approach with 3 rounds of input from all of you. The input from EPOS members will be analyzed, grouped and refined by a steering committee after each round. This process will result in a list of key research questions within paediatric orthopaedics.

If you would like more information the Research protocol can be found here: PDF Document | 8 Pages | 192 KB

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