European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

Presidential letter

Thomas Wirth | EPOS President 2019-2020

Dear EPOS members and colleagues,

I am very grateful to you to have been given the honourable task to serve EPOS as President in 2019/2020.

We have just ended an eventful year for EPOS the highlight of which was the wonderful and successful congress in Tel Aviv, well prepared and executed by Dror Ovadia and his local team. I like to also thank EPOS Past President Jaroslav Czubak and the whole Executive Committee, all Committee Chairs and the leaders of the Study Groups for their outstanding contribution throughout the year to lift our Society to the next level. I want to warmly thank those members of the Executive Committee who have finished their term for their dedication and devotion to help reach the goals of our EPOS. With great enthusiasm I welcome the newly elected EPOS officers who joined the Executive Committee following the elections of the 2019 General Assembly.

In 2019, EPOS has now reached a record number of members. I am extremely grateful for this distinct commitment of every single member to support and distribute EPOS’ goals throughout Europe and beyond.

EPOS has built a home for a variety of educational activities at different levels in the field of pediatric orthopaedics, gives opportunities to develop personal and professional interactions to support the aim of everyone of us: to improve the care of our paediatric patients.

However, there are some projects to be completed:

  • the recognition as non-profit organisation, and
  • extension of our office capacity, to be able to successfully tackle the increasing number of missions of our growing Society.

And there are future positions we have to take up. With the prospect of a much greater financial stability we must turn our efforts towards financial support of science in paediatric orthopaedics and scientific projects of the study groups, all well directed by our Scientific Committee.

There are numerous options for those members, who want to increase their input into EPOS.

We, EPOS, shall continue to work on our educational activities and expand our Fellowship program. Further, we shall intensify our connections to the national children’s orthopaedic societies and our worldwide relations to our partner paediatric orthopaedic societies.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Wirth
EPOS President
On behalf of the EPOS Executive Committee