European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

Presidential letter

Darko Anticevic | EPOS President 2017/2018Dear EPOS members,

It is my great honour to serve you as 25th EPOS president in the term 2017/18. With the help of capable and supportive members of Executive committee (ExCom) I am confident that there will be productive and enjoyable months to come.

It is hard to believe that are two months have passed from spectacular EPOSNA meeting in Barcelona, already. Thanks to synergy of two Societies and leadership of two presidents Manuel Cassiano-Neves from EPOS and Jim McCarthy from POSNA, colleagues from 88 countries were attracted to participate on EPOSNA with 2.127 registrations. Scientific sessions were attended by 1.700 colleagues. Pre-course was well attended, too, with 652 registrations. Once again, I would like to emphasize the time, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication of many EPOS members who contributed to this success. On behalf of EPOS ExCom thank you all for your work. Also, our Barcelona PCO – CAOS did marvellous job by doing preparation of EPOSNA and solving numerous complicated ramifications of greatest paediatric orthopaedic event, ever. CAOS efforts are highly appreciated.

Despite the summer atmosphere is getting across European continent, EPOS ExCom is working and focusing to residuals that have been left in the aftermath of EPOS General Assembly (GA) in Barcelona.

It is obvious that because recent growth of Society and many topics on GA, EPOS should return to the Society usual two part GA or maybe to three part, on occasion. One good example is EPOS junior councillor voting. Two candidates had equal number of votes. Due to the lack of time second round old fashioned paper voting was not possible. Post GA, electronic voting was proposed and organized and 91 EPOS members submit their preferences for the Junior Councillor and the Nomination Committee members. ExCom congratulate Stefan Huhnstock of Oslo, Norway who is elected EPOS Junior Councillor for the period of three years. Welcome on board!

It is obvious also, that ExCom has to offer to the EPOS membership clear and updated information on all relevant topics in managing the affairs of the Society. Prosperous, efficient and smooth EPOS affairs management is an ExCom obligation as well as to provide information on it to the Society members.

EPOS education activities (Annual Congress, BAT, RCCC and EPOS contribution on EFORT) as well as EPOS owned Journal of Children’s Orthopaedics progressive growth are all well acclaimed by the Society members. But, our members deserve more. ExCom is preparing several measures to be implemented in the near future to avoid communication deficit with our membership. Also, we want more influence of Society membership in various Society committees as well as EPOS Study groups. Two years ago 193 EPOS members participated (172 completed) by answering on 26 questions in electronic survey. This year, EPOS survey will be repeated with an aim to listen what the wishes of EPOS members are about.

EPOS memories 2007-2016

Most of you have seen EPOS memories 2006-2017 – the book that is made and collected by EPOS past president (1995-1997) and current historian – Klaus Parsch. It is worthwhile to go through this book page by page and to see that EPOS means group of dedicated people and friends. Klaus Parsch has invested a lot of work, time, patience and love in the EPOS memories book. EPOS ExCom highly appreciate Klaus’ efforts and express to him deep thankfulness.

BAT Courses

EPOS Education Committee (chair: Hakan Omeroglu) with the new Central Office personal will continue its activities with two BAT courses in Speising Hospital Vienna, Austria that will follow in the next five months. The 5th Trilogy of BAT courses are starting in October 2017 with Basic I course which is scheduled for 18th to 20th October 2017.

EPOS Advanced Course on paediatric spine is announced, too. This is the first course that is organized by one of EPOS study group i.e. EPOS Spine study group. “Fundamentals of paediatric spine deformities – Children’s spine is not miniature for adult’s ones” is scheduled for 24th and 25th November 2017. Registration is now open for both courses and available on the EPOS webpage. All EPOS members are encouraged to promote those courses among colleagues who may be interested to participate.

EPOS study groups

Eight EPOS study groups were established at the EPOS ExCom meeting in Oslo, in November 2016. The groups are named as follows and its chairpersons are elected during year 2017:

  1. EPOS Genetics and Metabolic Group: R.Sakkers (The Netherlands)
  2. EPOS Spine Group: C.C.Hasler (Switzerland)
  3. EPOS Upper Limb Group: S.Farr (Austria)
  4. EPOS Lower Limb Group: R.Ganger (Austria)
  5. EPOS Neuromuscular Group: R.Brunner (Switzerland)
  6. EPOS Musculoskeletal Tumors Infections and Arthritis Group: Ines Balaco (Portugal), Marta Salom Taverner (Spain)
  7. EPOS Sports Group: F.Accadbled (France)
  8. EPOS Trauma Group: P.Journeau (France), Annelie Wienberg (Germany).

It is worth to note that working rules of the EPOS study groups are established and accepted by EPOS ExCom – available on EPOS webpage.

On behalf of EPOS Education Committee, it is my pleasure to invite all EPOS members to join and actively participate in the Study group of ones choice.

37th EPOS Annual meeting Oslo 2018

After three consecutive EPOS annual meetings all held in Mediterranean towns, EPOS community is impatient to re-discover charm of one of the Nordic countries. EPOS Annual Meeting Oslo 2018 local organizing committee members represent excellent balance of experience of Terje Terjesen and Ivan Hvid which is supplemented with enthusiasm activism of younger colleagues. Preparations for EPOS annual meeting in Oslo are under way. I am sure that newly appointed Reading Committee (RC) chairperson Antonio Andreacchio with RC members will arrange spectacular scientific programme in Oslo.

Save the date 11 to 14 April 2018!

Please check EPOS webpage regularly for newest info

I wish you all a nice summer of 2017.

Darko Anticevic
EPOS President 2017/2018