European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

Presidential Letter

Dear EPOS Members, friends, and colleagues,

I‘m very glad to have the great honor to serve as EPOS President for this year. It’s a prestigious and important achievement, which I get in the darkest hour of the history of our Society.

We had a difficult time as doctors and as people who had to have front the impact of the COVID-19 on our private and professional lives.

Our Society as well sustained the shock to front this tremendous emergency. All our scientific and educational activities were stopped and the rebound on our financial stability was significant.

We all underestimated the outbreak and we all thought and hoped the virus could be defeated in few months… We “froze” some activities such as renewing some positions and we postponed our 39th Annual Meeting hoping to have to chance to maintain this event in-person.

However, when we realized this nightmare was going to be worse than we had assumed we organized ourselves and tried to organize and re-start with new activities and initiatives.

Webinars organized under the responsibility of the EPOS Study Group’ Chairs had great success. Many members and non-members attended them and drove the Executive Committee to open a new window on this landscape creating a Task Force Group for the new challenge: an E-Learning Task Force to assist with the implementation of new technology to continue our educational mission until the in-person events can safely restart.

Our Society is full of enthusiasm and always ready to go forward. The Executive Committee and I need the support of all our members- I push because everyone can be more active to participate in our Society.

We need more people to sustain and grow up several activities: EPOS Study Groups, Reading Committee, Educational Committee and others, and need more people to get better results.

In the end, even our Annual Meeting shifted into a virtual format, but we had very large and fantastic participation harvesting a fantastic success.

It’s time to rise again!!! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!

It’s time to watch at the future positively because we take care of children who are the future of the humanity so we can’t afford to give up!!!

Antonio Andreacchio
EPOS President 2021-2022