European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

2nd Series of EPOS Webinars (2021-2022)


The registration for each webinar will open approximately 2 weeks’ prior the live event and the registration link is found on this webpage. If you need any further information or would like to be included in the EPOS Webinar mailing list, please do not hesitate to email


October 2021 (II)
Title: EPOS Study Group Webinar on Genetic and Metabolic Diseases: Multiple osteochondromas
Date and time: Friday 15 October at 17h00 CET
Topic: Metabolic diseases
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Scientific Programme:

  1. 17:00 – 17:05 Introduction by Joachim Horn, Norway
  2. 17:05 – 17:20 The natural history of MO by Luca Sangiorgi, Italy
  3. 17:20 – 17:35 Upper limb problems in MO by Sebastian Farr, Austria
  4. 17:35 – 18:05 The role of guided growth and external fixation in reconstructive surgery for lower limbs in HME children and adolescents by Thomas Wirth, Germany and Dmitry Popkov, Russia
  5. 18:05 – 18:15 Discussion by all the speakers

October 2021 (I)
Title: Pediatric Meniscal Injuries
Date and time: 05 October at 18h00 CET
Topic: Sports
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Scientific Programme:
EPOS Sports Study Group Webinar: Pediatric Meniscal Injuries

  1. Introduction / Purpose / Definition by Marco Turati, Italy
  2. Discoïd meniscus
    Epidemiology / Pathophysiology by Marco Turati, Italy
    Diagnosis: Symptoms / Physical examination / MRI by João Cabral, Portugal
    Arthroscopic management: (Classification, Meniscoplasty, Repair techniques, Outcomes) by Franck Accadbled, France
  3. Traumatic Meniscal Tears
    Epidemiology / Pathophysiology in ACL deficient and stable knees by Stéphane Tercier, Switzerland
    Diagnosis: Symptoms / Physical examination / MRI by Pieter Berger, Belgium
    Arthroscopic management: (Classification, arthroscopic techniques, Outcomes) by Monika Thusing, Portugal
  4. Post-operative Rehabilitation and RTP in a child by Camille Thevenin-Lemoine, France
  5. Meniscal Injury Prevention by Camille Thevenin-Lemoine, France
  6. Conclusion / take home message by Marco Turati, Italy
  7. Q & A

October 2021 (II)
Title: Multiple Osteochondromas
Date and time: 14 October at 17h00 CET
Topic: Metabolic diseases

November 2021
Title: Bone Cyst: Is it as simple as it looks?
Date and time: 22 November at 17h00 CET
Topic: Infections/tumors

December 2021
Title: Standards of gait/function (exact title to be confirmed)
Date and time: TBC
Topic: Cerebral Palsy

January 2022
Title: Congenital Femoral Deficiency and Fibular Hemimelia
Date and time: 21 January, time TBC
Topic: Lower limb

February 2022
Title: Nerve injuries in the upper limb
Date and time: 19 February at 18h00 CET
Topic: Upper limb


September 2021
Title: Spondylolisthesis
Date and time: 15 September at 18h00 CET
Topic: Spine
Online Replay / Webinar webcast:
Please note that the first talk “Definition, etiology and classification” by Prof. Ilkka Helenius has not been recorded due to the request by the speaker.

August 2021
Title: The recurrent clubfoot
Date and time: 30 August at 16h00 CET
Topic: Clubfoot
Online Replay / Webinar webcast:

June 2021
Title: Physeal injuries: pathophysiology, diagnosis and principles of management
Date and time: 09 June at 17h00 CET
Topic: Trauma
Online Replay / Webinar webcast:


In a cooperation with the Industry sponsors, EPOS offer also another type of e-sessions focusing on technical issues of the pediatric orthopedic practice and live discussions of educational clinical cases.

To following EPOS industry webinars have so far been planned:


Date to be confirmed in 2021
Webinar on surgical techniques supported by OrthoPediatrics
Title: Common Proximal Femur Osteotomy (exact title TBC)
Date and time: Initially scheduled in July, the dates for this webinar have been be postponed to the later time of the year. Exact date and time TBC.

The above-described EPOS Webinars’ preliminary programme might be subject to changes. The latest information concerning EPOS E-Events and EPOS webinars can be found on this webpage.

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