European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society

3rd Series of EPOS Webinar (2022-2023)


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June 2023 
Title: EPOS – POSI Combined webinar: Common Complications and their Management in Paediatric Orthopaedics 
Date & time: Sunday 18th June 2023, 17h00CET / 20h30 IST  
Chairs: Sebastian Farr, MD (EPOS), Viraj Shingade (POSI) 
e-Moderators: Elke Viehweger (EPOS), Rujuta Mehta (POSI)

Scientific Programme:

       * Welcome address by EPOS President 
       * Welcome address by POSI President 
       * Introduction of topics & faculty by EPOS / POSI Chairs 
       * Compartment Syndrome in Children : How and When to Intervene? – Dr. Nicolas Lutz 
       * The Malunited Forearm Fracture : Remodelling vs. Surgical Intervention – Dr. John Mukhopadhaya 
       * Management of late-presenting DDH after Walking Age – Prof. Ashok Johari 
       * Common Complications of Limb Lengthening – Dr. Björn Vogt 
       * Recurrent Spastic Hip Dislocation : How to Treat – Dr. Jayanth Sampath 
       * Complications in Common Arthroscopic Sports Procedures – Prof. Franck Accadbled 
       * Discussion & e-moderation 
       * Final remarks by EPOS / POSI Chairs

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February 2023

Title: Controversies in pediatric upper limb trauma    
Date and time: Tuesday 7th of February at 18h00 CET

Scientific Programme:   
 Moderators :    
 Melinda Witbreuk, The Netherlands   
 Nicolas Lutz, Switzerland

   1.Proximal and diaphysis humerus

  • Conservative management by Prof Virginie RAMPAL, France
  • Surgical management by Dr Dorien SCHNEIDMUELLER, Germany

    2.Distal radius

  • Conservative management, Dr Kyle JAMES, United Kingdom
  • Surgical management by Dr Joost COLARIS, The Netherlands

    3.Q&A discussion  

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October 2022: Webinar II

Title: COEC-EPOS Co-branded Seminar on Ankle Deformity   
Date and time: Thursday 3rd of November 2022 at 8h00-11h00 CET   

October 2022: Webinar I

Title: Current standards of conservative treatment for scoliosis    
Date and time: Wednesday 26th of October at 18h00 CET

Chair: René Castelein:

  • Growth prediction with regards to scoliosis (Risser, Sanders, thoracic height…) by René Castelein, The Netherlands
  • Different types of braces, night time or full time? by David Farrington, Spain
  • Current evidence of bracing (age, when to wean it, how long/how many hours, BrAISt study) by Ilkka Helenius, Finland
  • Evidence for physiotherapy (Schroth etc.) by Manuel Rigo, Spain
  • Conclusion, take home messages and Q and A by René Castelein, The Netherlands

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September 2022   
Title: How to write a winner paper?

Scientific Programme:

Welcome by Ignacio Sanpera

 Geographical considerations   
 Moderator : Ilkka Helenius

  • EPOS perspective by Andreas Roposch
  •  POSNA perspective by Michael Millis
  • The far side by Peter Cundy 
  • Discussion

Personal considerations   
Moderator: David M. Farrington 

  • How to hit the jackpot by Federico Canavese
  • Don’t give up by Cristina Alves
  • I think it’s a winner by Franck Accadbled
  • Discussion

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August 2022   
Title: Current Standards in DDH Screening

Scientific Programme:

Moderator: Renata Pospischill  (Austria) and Hakan Omeroglu (Turkey)

  • Hip Sonography accrording to Graf 2022 – Standards, Techniques, Protocols by Renata Pospischill, Austria
  • US examination. When the best timing to screen newborns for DDH? by De Pellegrin Maurizio, Italy
  • Graf classification Type 2A: hip immaturity or early onset? by Blazej Pruszczynski, Poland
  • Graf classification Type 2A: to treat or not to treat? by Bettina Westhoff, Germany
  • Turkey – nationwide results of a general screening by Hakan Omeroglu,Turkey
  • Clinical, selective or general screening? What is the best? by Renata Pospischill, Austria
  • Discussion

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In a cooperation with the Industry sponsors, EPOS offer also another type of e-sessions focusing on technical issues of the pediatric orthopedic practice and live discussions of educational clinical cases.

To following EPOS industry webinars have so far been planned:

April 2023 
Title: EPOS Industry-Sponsored Webinar: Operative Management of Limb Length Discrepancy Supported by NuVasive  
Online Replay / Webinar webcast:    
EPOS YouTube channel: 
EPOS Webinar platform:

Scientific Programme:

18h00 - Introduction. Cristina Alves, Portugal  
18h05 - There is a Limb Length Discrepancy: Is Surgery Needed? Javier Downey, Spain  
18h20 - Limb Length Discrepancy: One Option Does Not Fit All. Zagorka Pejin, France  
18h35 - Paradigm shift to Intramedullary Limb Lengthening: Dos and Don’ts. Christof Radler, Austria  
18h50 - Discussion. All  
19h00 - Closure. Cristina Alves, Portugal 

June 2022   
Title: A case-based webinar on proximal femoral osteotomies supported by OrthoPediatrics

Online Replay / Webinar webcast:    
EPOS YouTube channel:    
EPOS Webinar platform:    

Scientific Programme:   
- Uniplanar proximal femoral osteotomies:    

  • Varus by Thomas Wirth
  • Valgus by Thomas Dreher
  • Discussion

- Multiplanar proximal femoral osteotomies in CP including discussion by Thomas Dreher   
- Individualised complex proximal femoral osteotomies i.e. flexion –valgus or extension-varus osteotomy including discussion by Thomas Wirth


December 2022

Title: EPOS Industry-sponsored Webinar: Rare Bone Diseases: what are we missing during diagnosis? New reality check for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) supported by Ipsen, Sustaining Partner

Online Replay / Webinar webcast:    
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EPOS Webinar platform:

Scientific Programme:   
- Introduction   
- Ossification and calcification: angels and demons (why pediatric orthopedic surgeon should remember the basics) by Vladimir Kenis   
- Regulation of physiological ossification and fundamental issues of it’s genetic disorders by Peter Kannu   
- Clinical and radiological diagnostics of FOP by Vladimir Kenis   
- Current trends in medical treatment of FOP by Peter Kannu   
- Q&A/discussion